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Sheet Music Suppliers

June Emerson, wind music. Windmill Farm, Ampleforth, York. +44 (0) 1439 788324
John Myatt, Woodwind and Brass
Wonderful Winds: Publishers of a unique collection of expertly arranged wind ensemble music. Providing inspiring & exciting music worldwide.

Instrument Supply and Repair

Musical Instrument Repairs and Sales Ltd
Howarth of London,
31 Chiltern Street, London. +44 (0) 20 7935 2407
Dave Whateley, Woodwind Instrument Repairer,
Fox UK (sole UK Agent) Mr. T. Simmonds,, via eMail or +44(0)7809687430


Fat Frog's Bassoon reeds
Britannia Music Shop
David Lock - Baytree Farm, Stutton, Ipswich, Suffolk. 1P9 2SQ
David Buckland - +44 (0) 1656 880300

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Birmingham Bassoon Choir Sponsor

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